Solgar Spoonfuls


Solgar Spoonfuls

We all know what we need to do to take care of ourselves, and making smart choices when it comes to diet is near the top. But maintaining a healthy diet isn’t always easy.

Solgar® Spoonfuls makes it easy (and delicious!) to add a plant-based source of protein to your diet every day. Three small scoops throughout your day gives you 20 grams of protein plus whole food and plant-based concentrates, nutrients and a rich complement of essential vitamins. With Spoonfuls, you can take your protein…your way.

Three small scoops in a shake in the morning…is a great way to start your day. Not in the mood for a morning shake?…add one small scoop to your favorite yogurt. Then, add a small scoop to your almond milk at lunch…you can even add it to a water bottle and take it on the go. Easy-mixing Spoonfuls gives you great-tasting protein plus a full complement of nutrition where and when you want it…and it’s 50 calories per small scoop. AM or PM, with Spoonfuls from Solgar you get wholesome, dairy-free protein anyway you like it.

Spoonfuls of earth-harvested plant protein never tasted so good…and was never so easy.

Find all of Solgar’s nutritious and flavorful spoonful options HERE!

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