Stress, poor diet, lack of sleep, and even some medications take their toll on our immune systems, making us more susceptible to harmful bacteria and viruses and can even exacerbate seasonal allergies. ImmunExtra® can increase immune cells and balance your system to give you the added protection you need.

ImmunExtra® is a totally exclusive and unique product with 30+ scientific peer review studies proving safety and effectiveness. ImmunExtra® has a very specific effect on the dendritic immune cells which are perhaps the most important of all immune cells. For the immune system to perform at its best it must first be able to accurately and efficiently recognize pathogens, and this is what dendritic cells are best at. T-cells for example, cannot tell the difference between a pathogenic organism and a healthy cell, they must first be given that information from dendritic cells.

ImmunExtra® is the only product that contains Proligna, which is safe, patented, and naturally extracted from Scotch pinecones. ImmunExtra® is meant to be taken daily and year round. Not only can Immune Extra help you with cold and flu during the winter months, but it can be beneficial for spring and summer allergies.

Taken daily ImmunExtra® has a unique ability to strengthen, balance, and optimize immune function. Prolingna pinecone extract has been awarded 11 patents internationally and is described in over 30 peer reviewed scientific studies.

A healthy immune system is the body’s best defense against harmful germs and viruses, so give your immune system the protection it needs with ImmunExtra®.

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