New From Genuine Health

Genuine Health’s new fermented Vegan Protein is the first fully fermented vegan protein on the market today. It has an extensive amino acid profile while promoting digestive health and healthy gut bacteria. Fermented foods have numerous health benefits such as, supporting the immune system, enhanced absorption of vitamins and minerals, and it’s easily digested.
This unique blend of ingredients (fermented pea protein isolate, fermented brown rice protein, organic hemp seed protein concentrate, organic quinoa sprouts , alfalfa protein, organic spirulina, mung bean sprouts) are fermented is small batches using nondairy probiotics by professional microbiologists who monitor the entire process to ensure a pristine quality product. Genuine Health’s fermented protein gives you 15 grams of protein and only 70 calories; gluten free, soy free, and made with non-GMO ingredients. This protein is offered in vanilla flavor and unflavored, and if you haven’t tried this fermented protein, you will be surprised by its delicious taste and creamy texture. Order your Genuine Health fermented vegan protein or come in to our Redmond Retail Store. Call us at 866-998-8855.

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