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What was in your Oscar Bag?

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In 2012, Dr. Amy Swartz started making odorless supplements for her 18 year old dog to improve his quality of life. The first supplement, Relief, helped the arthritis pain in his neck and back. The second supplement reduced his “old dog cough” and helped his allergies. Then she started making supplements for other pets in need. Now she sells the supplements on the internet so animals all over the world can get help.

Amy is a civil engineer and a holistic chiropractor.  She really likes helping animals feel better.  Her supplements don’t smell or taste bad and there isn’t a pill to take. The supplements are made of diluted vitamins and minerals in water with electrolytes.  They are easy to administer, you can spray them directly on their body or put a couple drops in their food or water.

Dr. Amy Swartz was nominated to have all her products in the 2014 Oscar swag bags, so you can now be like the stars and give your pet the best with Epic Pet Health. Order yours online at www.vitaminlife.com or come into our Redmond retail store. Call us at 866-998-8855.

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