Enzymedica DGL

DGL and Digestion

What is DGL?

“DGL” is an abbreviation for deglycyrrhizinated licorice—a special preparation of licorice root extract with the glycyrrhizin compound removed.

Why take a DGL supplement?

DGL naturally helps provide soothing digestive relief and support for the stomach lining and intestinal tract.*

How does DGL soothe digestion?

DGL stimulates and accelerates natural protective factors in the digestive tract, which help relieve stomach discomfort.* Studies have documented the soothing effects of DGL on the stomach lining and intestine.*


Why is glycyrrhizin removed DGL and DGL ULTRA?. When consumed in high amounts, glycyrrhizin, a compound in licorice may increase risk of high blood pressure in some individuals

Is DGL safe for long-term use?

Yes. When taken at the recommended dose, DGL is proven safe for long-term use.

Why choose Enzymatic Therapy DGL ULTRA?

From the #1 selling brand of DGL supplements,† Enzymatic Therapy DGL ULTRA chewable tablets contain an extra-strength extract that works to deliver effective digestive relief.* DGL ULTRA is available in two delicious flavors: German Chocolate and Caramel Crème.

Why take DGL ULTRA Fructose-Free/Sugarless?

DGL ULTRA Fructose-Free/Sugarless extra-strength deglycyrrhizinated licorice offers the same great formula as our DGL ULTRA in a Fructose Free/Sugarless option for those watching their sugar intake.

If you’ve avoided DGL supplements in the past, now is the time to give them a try!  Enzymatic Therapy DGL supplements are the #1 DGL brand and they taste great!


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