Enzymatic Whole Body Yeast Balance

Balancing Yeast Through Cleansing

Whole Body Yeast Balance is the complete internal

cleansing system that naturally helps support:

• Healthy Yeast Balance*

• Vaginal and Urinary Tract Health*

• Digestive Health*

• Detoxification*

 The Power of Three

Whole Body Yeast Balance™ triple-action internal cleansing system contains three unique formulas to provide triple-action effectiveness.

1. Yeast Balance™ herbal blend with peppermint oil, thyme, oregano and goldenseal in an enteric-coated softgels to support yeast and digestive balance.*

2. Pearls YB™ probiotics to support healthy yeast balance*

3. Fiber Fusion™ proprietary fiber blend to help rid your body of what it doesn’t need, revitalize your system and help keep you regular*

 Why Fiber?  Your body encounters environmental toxins in the air you breathe, water you drink and food you eat. Fortunately, getting a healthy amount of fiber in your daily diet helps eliminate toxins.* The Fiber Fusion™ daily cleansing fiber formula in Whole Body Yeast Balance™ boosts your daily fiber intake with a proprietary blend of five fibers (psyllium husk, oat bran, guar gum, citrus pectin and marshmallow root) to absorb toxins, aid in their removal from the body and help promote regularity.*

 Why Probiotics?  Maintaining yeast balance is the result of having healthy intestinal microflora (the  ood bacteria living in your gut). A great way to help fortify your intestinal microflora is to take a probiotic supplement.* The Pearls YB™ yeast-balancing probiotics formula in Whole Body Yeast Balance™ fortifies your intestinal microflora with three strains of Lactobacillus (acidophilus, rhamnosus and plantarum) that support healthy yeast balance.*

Pearls YB is produced using a patented, triple-layer encapsulation process that ensures the probiotics inside  remain active and survive stomach acid to reach your intestine where they’re needed most.

 Follow the Program  For best results, follow the below schedule when using Whole Body Yeast Balance™.

Days 1-5: Cleanse and Rebalance.* Take two Yeast Balance™ softgels and four Fiber Fusion™ capsules at night.

Days 6-10: Restore & Revitalize.* Take one Pearls YB and for Fiber Fusion capsules in the morning, plus another Pearls YB capsule at night.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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